Course Outline


  • MobX vs Redux vs Relay

Understanding State Management

  • How React handles local state
  • How Redux manages state
  • How MobX manages state

Getting Started

  • Preparing the Development Environment
  • Installing and Configuring MobX

Building an Application

  • Overview of the component architecture
  • Creating a React Application (Components, Element, JSX, etc.)

Working with React Component State

  • Initializing and updating state
  • Working with forms

Implementing a MobX Data Store

  • Setting up the data store
  • Passing data to components
  • Listing out contents of data store

Managing Changes to Data

  • Adding data to store
  • Notifying React of the change in data state

Updating the View

  • Declaring observable data
  • Updating the view

Improving DataFlow

  • Modifying state data through actions
  • Calling actions (avoiding unsafe data manipulation)

Working with Computed Values

  • Perforing calculations on core data

Using Advanced Development Tools and Techniques

  • Creating components with ES2017
  • Using Babel for ES2017 and JSX
  • Using WebPack for React and MobX
  • Performing asynchronous actions with MobX

Testing the Application

  • Creating unit tests for React components
  • Choosing tools and frameworks (Jest, Enzyme, TestUtils, etc.)
  • Creating unit tests for MobX stores
  • Debugging the Application

Deploying the Application

  • Tooling and automation
  • Implementing Continuous Integration (CI)


Summary and Conclusion


  • React programming experience


  • Developers
 14 Hours

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