Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Introduction

Module 1: KNIME Server:

Collaboration - Connecting and Deploying Items to KNIME Server from KNIME Analytics Platform

  • How to Connect to KNIME Server
  • Permission Settings on KNIME Server

Module 2: KNIME Server: Automation & Deployment

Automation and Deployment - Remote Execution and KNIME WebPortal

  • Remote Execution on KNIME Server
  • KNIME Remote Workflow Editor
  • KNIME WebPortal

Day 2:

Module 3: KNIME Server: Management

Management - Versioning and Workflow Difference

  • Versioning
  • Workflow Comparison
  • Node Comparison

Module 4: Overview of KNIME Analytics Platform

  • Controlling the model flow
  • Model deployment on KNIME Server
  • Test Scenarios between KNIME AP & Server
  • Summary and Conclusion


  • A basic understanding of making sense of the data.
  • Experience with fundamental data processing.


  • data science managers
  • model administrators
  • data engineers
  • data analysts
  • data scientists
 14 Hours

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